Medical Taxi-Cab Transport Sacramento

Medical Transport Sacramento

For all non-emergencies Sacramento medical visits and Workers Comp taxi services remember to call Yellow Cab of West Sacramento. Our cabbies will give you helpful and caring service to ensure a safe and sound trip every time to Dialysis Treatments, hospital checkouts and Outpatient Surgeries. We also provide our taxi services for many Workers Comp companies; rides local in Sacramento or out of town can be scheduled and billed monthly for added convenience to your medical injury or workers comp taxi transport handling company. We dispatch our quick cabs to all big hospitals in Sacramento like Kaiser Permanente, San Juan Medical Center, Mercy General, Shriners Hospitals, Sutter General, UC Davis and Sutter Memorial Hospital. When you call our service, our drivers will be waiting for you outside of the hospital or at the door step of your house; we will politely open your door and also give you a hand to get out of vehicle. Many of our luxury cars have air suspension, leather seats and many other luxury amenities which will give our customers the luxury of riding in a limo.

Old Age Home Transport Sacramento

We also welcome all the old age homes, skilled nursing homes, local clinics and emergency centers to call our company for the quick, responsive and affordable cab rides their patients and the staff. With the fleet of sedans, vans and SUVS, we can handle if you want to transport a group of patients at one time for the same metered rate.