Upcoming Sacramento Taxi Cab App and Mobile Version Website

As our customers who live in the capitol city will tell you, anyone who thinks Sacramento can catch a Sacramento cab in a minute does not reside in the city.

Yellow Cab of West Sacramento is working on a new mobile version of the site, and the phone app for Apple, Android and Blackberry to make taxi cab hire a lot easier and fun experience like buying things on Groupon. Users can calculate their fare on their phones, hit the book now button and get a taxi cab on their door way without ever calling our dispatch. The company will dispatch to our list of nearest independent cab drivers, the result is the hassle free transaction or ordering taxi cab service in greater Sacramento area.

Among other things for the future, the app will allow the users to track their taxi cab on the map, pay for the taxi cab on their phones. All of these will en-rich the taxi cab service experience in the golden city of the state. In-directly it will encourage visitors to come to our beautiful city as tourist and visitors will better experience in ground transportation. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, to find out more updates on this up-coming APP and more up-dates on our companies new feature releases.