Sacramento Taxi Service Vs Uber


Taxi Service business in Sacramento which feeds thousands of Sacramento local taxi operators is diminishing. While the customers can get slightly cheaper rates with Uber X cars, these rookie drivers with Uber, with lack of experience, put the customer into a considerable danger while being driven in the busy streets of Sacramento with a possibility of drunk drivers also on the road.

The Uber Horrow Stories is listed in “The Daily Beast” newspaper can some what aware the customers about the possible threat of riding in Uber Cars. Another draw back being that the money is pumped into the pockets of Uber stock holders that are not local natives of Sacramento or even natives of other bigger cities like NYC, Los Angeles where Uber is playing a monopoly in the ride business.

While saving money for consumers is always a plus, it comes at a risk of hurting the local economy of the city and with a risk of being driven by inexperienced drivers. Yellow Cab of West Sacramento, as a dispatch company, is soon coming with a Taxi App to support the local cab drivers and Sacramento economy. It will also offer discount to the customers and give them convenience of ordering taxi with an app. One step at a time should be taken to support local business.

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